These are gatherings hosted by Wake’s trained
professionals, harnessing multiple healing
modalities with a focus on advanced mushrooms
and clinical technology to create a foundation for
personal transformation. Wake’s goal is to
advance scientific knowledge around the healing
power of mushrooms.


Fall 2023

4-day and 6-day

Luxury accomodations & full meals in Santa
Cruz’s tropical paradise

What to expect

Journaling and intentions

Journalling and intention setting are a crucial part of the process when working with fungi & plant medicines. You will be given guidance from our team to set powerful intentions. You will also be encouraged to journal about your experiences, lessons, and goals going forward.

Breath & Yoga

Our Vinyasa yoga practice is designed to delve into non-ordinary states of consciousness. You will be led and guided through this every step of the way. You will learn breathing techniques to open the subconscious mind and release stagnant energy.

Advanced Mushrooms with Wearable Technology

Wake has partnered with industry leaders of clinical research and biomedical technology. With these advanced tools we can track patient progress, optimize dosage and monitor vitals in real-time.


The process of integration begins after your ceremony. We will teach you how to take the lessons learned during your time at the Clinical Immersion, and apply it to your life. Integration will continue long after your life changing experience.


Jamaica clinical immersion

Date TBD
Group Size Up to 30 people

Join us in the mountains of Jamaica this year.


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    “The Wake Clinics helped me see the fractures in my life caused by PTSD and Depression. I left the Clinical Immersion feeling whole and unbroken, I am happy for the first time in almost a decade! I can’t thank Wake Clinics enough, my new family for sure.”

    Chris Oliver
    Corrections Officer

    “The Wake Clinics helped me connect with the pieces of myself I had lost due to anxiety and depression. I will take these tools home to share with others.”

    Veteran Caregiver & Cannabis Advocate

    “My experience with Wake Clinics was truly transformative. The psilocybin assisted sound-bath and integration therapy allowed me to dive deep into my subconscious and invite my pain and trauma to the table for a new conversation. Turning my pain into fuel rather than being a heavy weight to be ashamed of.”

    Jessica James
    Artist & Mom

    “The Wake Clinic provided me a sense of community and intimacy that I, like so many others, have been needing. It has allowed me to be more vulnerable and expressive with others, while also realizing the love and potential I have inside.”

    Alex Vincent
    US Marine Veteran

    “As a Veteran you walk many pathways in life. Many take you ways you don’t want or need to go, some take you ways you think you want or need to go. The path to The Wake Clinic is what I know I needed to follow. For the first time I can say I am healing and not question it.”

    CF Veteran

    “I joined the Wake Clinic in an attempt to shake myself out of a depressive funk I have been in for the last year. What I got out of it far exceeded my expectations. I came home to myself, on a deeper level than I knew possible. I was met with open arms by a new family committed to creating a safe space for healing and evolving together. I’m leaving Wake with a new sense of self, an excitement to create my life from right now, instead of my past, and a community who I know I will have lasting friendships with.”


    “The Wake Clinic was an overall amazing experience with a great community of people. The safe and comfortable environment allowed me to do the inner work I needed to progress with my life as a father, husband and business leader.”

    Riley Cote
    NHL Alumni

    “I arrived at Wake Clinic feeling lost and struggling to find meaning in life again. After 18 years of policing, 2 hospitalizations, and a diagnosis of complex PTSD I felt lost and confused for years and struggled to reconnect and reintegrate back into regular society. The love, support, and understanding I was shown during my week at Wake Clinics was nothing short of a miracle. While so many Therapist and Doctors I have dealt with were quick to prescribe pharmaceuticals to fix the trauma I’ve experienced, it was my spirit and the abandonment of myself that was crushing me daily in my life. Wake Clinics allowed me to find purpose and meaning in my life again and made me finally see so clearly it was my heart and not my brain that needed healing. I would recommend this program to any Veteran or First Responder looking to connect again with themselves and those they love. This was a gift I hope others give to themselves. I feel alive, happy, and awake again.”

    Mark Long
    Former Veteran & Police Officer

    “Wake showed me that incorporating plant medicine along with traditional talk therapies can have a potent and long lasting healing effect on sufferers of PTSD, anxiety, depression and other psychological ailments.”

    Daniel Benedini
    Psychologist & Psychoanalyst

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